WordPress 2.5

Decided to check out WordPress 2.5 today.  I installed it on my demo blog (the one I send people to who are thinking about trying WordPress but are not sure.)  It certainly is different to look at.

I would not recommend it to someone who has a hard time adapting to new software because the layout of the dashboard is very different and even I (who have been using WordPress since the beginning) am having a hard time adjusting to where everything is.

For one thing it uses flash for a lot of things and I hate flash. It is slow and awkward and makes everything take longer to do.  However, the pro is that it enables you to upload multiple pictures at a time.

I do like that it fixes the big comments problem with 2.0 through 2.3 I have been having with Bluehost so for those on my server who would like I will update to WordPress 2.5 for that reason.  Otherwise I would suggest waiting until the bugs get worked out.

You can read up on some of the changes here.