Frugal Friday: Saving Energy

You may remember that at some point I wrote about one of the ways we tried to save money this year: putting plastic bags and blankets over all the upstairs windows (the fifty year old metal framed one) and blankets over all the downstairs ones.  I thought I would share the results.

This last week I started taking the blankets and plastic down.  It has warmed up a bit (in the 40’s and 50’s) so we want to be able to open the house up when it hits 60.  We also paid bills this week.  As we looked back over the winter months we realized that we had had our highest bill yet which makes sense since it was COLD last month.

Its hard to estimate how much it should have been this year since gas prices have gone up significantly.  However our gas bill was over $100 LESS a month than it has been in previous years–and gas prices went UP.   So, yeah, it worked.