A Day in the Life 29: You May Be Wondering

why I am not commenting or posting or doing my doodles and whatnot. I have been reading but am still low on words so have been keeping my mouth shut. And for the rest, well, I have been busy, busy, dreadfully busy, you have no idea what I’ve got to do…. Erm. Yeah. Anyway, instead of taking time and making several nice coherent posts I thought I would do one huge mishmash post so I can get back to what I have been doing.

It’s spring you see. I have spent months cooped up in the house and too cold and achy to do too much. Now I am making myself achy by doing too much. 🙂 Though I did discover that working with the shutters on the deep freeze instead of on the floor was much less painful and was able to finish them faster.

The house is finally relatively clean. The kids finished up stairs in record time yesterday and spent the rest of the day making messes and trying to remember to clean them up.

They also helped me make some bread for Rachel, then the bread makers started smoking and set off the fire alarm so we put it outside and made bread the old fashioned way.

I spent the afternoon finishing our raised gardens and watching “Father’s Little Dividend” with the girls. I had never seen it even though I had seen many such movies and it led to many interesting conversations which was cool.

Now all they need is dirt and we are good to go.

I also started exploring Twitter–which I am not sure I like though there is something to say for doing it via the Firefox plugin and making mini posts in the address window. It is good for one liners throughout the day–quick thoughts, short and concise. Concise I need to work on. I am considering adding it to my site but not sure–we shall see.

Today was the big half off of everything in the store day at our favorite thrift shop and my mom convinced me to join her so she could get the kids some gifts. (You see why we end up with too much.) The good news is that she got them things they needed and I got a few more things that were needed plus a new coffee maker for my poor husband who complained daily about his monstrosity of a coffee maker, a lamp for the bathroom our old one was driving me crazy and an IKEA coffee table I have been eyeing for over a month.

For some time now I have wanted two things–to take my husband to IKEA which wasn’t happening since it is an hour away and he hates traveling and to get a table that was big enough to do puzzles and play games on in the living room to replace our old trunk with the bumpy top. The poor trunk is a nice height for the couch but has seen better days and was not so good for doing useful things–like putting things on. Also, we are funny people–we sit on the floor as often as on the furniture. I wanted a coffee table that could be used as a coffee table but also as a floor table. This one has been at the thrift shop for a while since I was praying that it would go down to $25 from its $50 price tag. It was perfect. The perfect size, the perfect color, the perfect shape, with the perfect shelves and drawers at the perfect height. Today it was there, marked down to half price but I didn’t have the $25. Rachel, who has been saving for a big thing had gotten money for Easter and insisted that she get it. She also saw the value of having a table instead of a trunk in the center of the room. We talked and prayed about it and I let her purchase it.