Sometimes a day like today, full of small successes–those little niggling things that nag at the back of your mind, is a bigger blessing than a day with just one big success.

I spent some time and finally got the right codecs to make my dvd player work in Ubuntu–it is a long involved story that includes DRM and proprietary software that keeps Linux based programs from running standard DVD’s.   It all works now and I am thrilled.  The only thing I have left to get working is my printer and since the network works great I have been just putting files to prin t on the other computer so I can print them.

I also had a slight revelation.  We have several vintage thermometers floating around the house.  We have used them for various projects so they are always being moved.  I also have children with no weather sense.  They run around in shorts when it is freezing out and complain about being cold.  I usually send them to the computer to check the temperature.    Today I used wire to hang a broken hangy sort of thermometer outside the window and told them that if it is below 50F they are to put long pants on, over 50F they can decide for themselves.  It worked–finally my kids realized that 32F is NOT shorts weather  and wore long pants.

Another success was finally taking care of some niggling things like preparing the bills, scanning some paperwork that needs sent by my husband to his boss, that sort of thing.  All done and accounted for, which is a load off my mind.

The kids spent the day playing detective and coming up with cool mysteries for each other.  It all started because I gave Rachel a project (by Highlights) that my in-laws got them.  Rachel discovered that she is good at decoding codes which is amazing with her dyslexia.  Lighting a fire in her to do a long term project is always a success.

Finally, my kids are allergic to chocolate and milk so they have never had “real” brownies or “real” chocolate covered rice krispies.  However I bought a huge bag of carob chips and made carob covered rice krispies and they disappeared.  So I made some more and THOSE disappeared.The other day I made Issac a “brownie” from a tiny bit of cocoa plus some other ingredients.  He was so excited about it he insisted that I make a carob brownie for his sisters.  Der.  It never occurred to me.  I used my regular brownie recipe and substituted carob,  Rachel’s special margarine, organic eggs, cane sugar, and organic unbleached white flour.  They came out perfect.  And Rachel is so thrilled because she has never even had brownie before.  Oh, and there is something in carob that I am REALLY craving (calcium and Iron is my guess–I have been eating way too much of it today.)