Thankful Thursday

Right now words are eluding me so you will just be getting factual sorts. I am still reading all your posts but have very few words to spare. I am also a bit behind on my doodles. I have ideas but my pencil does not seem to be flowing so I am just waiting. I am feeling very content and quiet so am just reading. I am content with all that God has done. God is good.

The first day of spring. What an incredible blessing. we are heading to Grandma’s where the kids will get a bounty of springtime gifts and a new outfit each. God is good.

The other day after our walk the kids disappeared. A little while leater we learned what they had been up to. They made first Shamus and then me a tray of food–each our personal favorites. It was so sweet.

The fan on the power supply of the kids’ computer died yesterday (it had been dying a slow noisy death.) Amazingly we had a spare that happened to be brand new and the perfect size for our outdated little computer. The kids helped me replace it and it is quiet and works beautifully. God is good.

We spent yesterday getting out the spring clothing and eliminating another two garbage bags of stuff. The kids each have 7 play outfits, two store outfits, and two dress outfits. It is enough and plenty and God is good.

Amazingly Rachel had enough clothes that still fit (she has grown 3 sizes since last year). We only need to get her a rain coat and a few oversized t-shirts for play. God is good.

All three kids were perfectly content with the clothing they chose to keep–I had no whining and complaining to deal with. God is good.

The kids have been keeping busy at mealtime making pretend pizzas for each other (and Issac has been making lungs out of pretzels) and Rachel has learned how to make soft pretzels for herself. 🙂 God is good.

We have managed to cut our grocery bill by $300 a month at least. I am so excited. So is Shamus. It is thrilling when something like that actually works and the perfect timing too. God is good.

Shamus has extra work going on that will bring in about half of one of his paychecks if he can finish it all in time. It is slightly stressful for him but such an incredible blessing and the people he is working with are very laid back and easy going about everything while he learns lots of new things. Plus he still gets to do it from home in his free time. God is good.

Our finances are still not great but we have hope. We also have a plan God willing for how we are going to use our tax refund to pay down some of our debt. God is good.

We spent several hours reading aloud yesterday–5 chapters of our book. It was lovely and sweet. And the perfect way to spend the afternoon on such an icky outside day. I love that my girls enjoy that. God is good.

The other day when I ran into the thrift shop the only thing I felt compelled to buy was a copy of Rod and Staff Science 2. Which was odd since I NEVER buy text books. They are often given to me but we don’t use them often except for research and so I usually avoid them. I brought it home and the kids didn’t seem interested. However, when we sat to read I picked it up to read just a little of it to see what they thought. We all enjoyed it immensely. It is nothing like the typical text books we find. The kids are fascinated with it and it is what led to our search for fungus while out. Since I am severely allergic to most molds and fungus we take pictures of them to bring home instead of collecting them but this book has all sorts of identification type information which makes it very fun. Oh, and God provided it for 63 cents. God is good.

It has snowed again today but in general the grass and the little plants are starting to peep through. Winter is over and spring has come. Pretty soon the brown will change to green. God is good.

There has been a change in our household. It is an odd change and I am not sure if it will continue but I think it will. Our oldest is having a comprehension spurt (like a growth spurt or an intellectual spurt but it is her maturity growing instead of her body.) She is suddenly thinking of others instead of hersel, is being helpful instead of selfish. IT is a gradual change but it is lifting the spirits of our entire household. She is still having her moments but somehow she is getting out of them faster. She is suddenly getting something that has consistently eluded her before. Somehow this change has changed our relationship. She has always been Daddy’s girl and suddenly when she talks about wanting to spend time together it isn’t just about daddy–she wants me as well. I am not sure but it gives me hope. God is good.

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Have a blessed day.