Saturday Photohunt: I Spy

This week was trickier than usual–it took actual planning since I have recently moved all my images to another computer while getting ready for my Ubuntu installation. Last night I was at a loss–no ideas. This morning I grabbed my camera and looked for “I Spy” messes (like in the books my son adores) around the house. They weren’t hard to find–I did not change anything or set anything up.:) It would have been better if I did but, oh well. The top is my son’s lego drawer, the next is his puzzle train block set, the final is our china closet where my kids like to add their treasures to the mix.


I spy with my little eye a bugle, a dog, a knight, and a tire.


I spy a city, all fallen down.


I spy two firefighting pink panther, a loaf of bread, a sword, and a miniature living room.