Cleaning House

Due to random circumstances beyond my control (and which re definitely a God thing) I am off to install Ubuntu which means doing all kinds of scary things like repartitioning my hard drive.–which always makes me nervous.  I may well lose my Windows XP installation.  At this point I am willing to do so if it means I will be able to check my email etc without crashing.  Yeah, have been having some issues with my poor little computer.

So, if you don’t see me around you know where I am–in the scary world of partitioning and installing and learning a  slew of new programs interspersed with  working outside in the few spring like days we are suddenly having.  (I want a garden this year and God has been laying it on my heart to give it a shot again–this time with raised gardens to battle our crazy clay/fill mix.)  Praise the Lord the kids are happily making a mess out in the yard with varying shops that they have started up.

So, I am off.  Pray for me, I will need it.:)