Unpacking the Weekend

It has been an odd weekend and my brain is still processing everything. So, you get to read (or skip) as I work through the unpacking of my brain.

  • On Friday I got ready to run a check to the bank only to find that a certain child had left the door open for a few days and the car wouldn’t start. Oh well, the check could wait, we have a jump starter so not a big deal.
  • Spent the time instead working on a website and on the phone with the owner of the website. Since the website owner was a friend it was a nice chat and much better than running out in freezing rain/sleet mix that quickly turned into giant fist sized snowflake balls.
  • Saturday was D&D day–it was also another day of lots of snow. We got another 5 inches or so. Spent the day not going anywhere working on a different website. (The guys were playing a modern day RPG which included using matchbox cars on a grid.:) I giggled at the thought of these 25-36 year old males finding an excuse to play with cars.
  • While I sat happily at home putting the kids to bed all snuggly warm in the midst of a snow storm my husband and his geek friends went off and had an awesome adventure–well, not so awesome more silly and “I can’t believe you went out in a snow storm for THAT”.
  • Sunday we all slept in to nearly noon–stupid daylight savings. The snow all melted and then we got more flurries. We reread Mark 7 and the kids really, really got it. We didn’t leave the house and it was too cold to go out and jump the car.
  • Yesterday, Monday, I finally tried to jump the car because we had to go out. No go–forgot to charge the battery charger after lending it to my mom. Plugged it in to charge and then had to borrow my mother-in-law’s car to get to her place. Most of the snow decided to melt.
  • Got an email from a dear friend saying her husband had left. She knew it was likely but her life has fallen apart in more ways than one and she needs lots of prayer.
  • Shamus took the day off and we spent the day visiting with his cousins while the kids happily read and reread his mom’s Calvin and Hobbes collection.
  • We haven’t seen his cousins in 8 to 10 years so it was great to see them–spent 8 HOURS talking.
  • His one cousin is a Jehovah’s Witness missionary to Tanzania so we saw all kinds of cool pictures and talked about the Swahili language and his and his sister’s trip to the top of Kilimanjaro. (No, we aren’t Jehovah’s Witness and no we don’t discuss our differences–we aren’t going to change our minds and they aren’t going to change theirs.)
  • We also heard all about how his cousin lost the tip of his thumb as a kid–a great lesson on how to safely use power tools.
  • The other one is a geologist which is fascinating plus she showed us an awesome thing that I think I will wait to share–I want to email her and see if she has pictures.
  • I also got to sit back and listen as Shamus, his brothers, and their cousins talked about all the crazy stuff they did as kids (like spending all their quarters on video games, climbing to the roofs of houses, and stealing hotel towels.)
  • The kids learned a lesson in trust when they were allowed to walk together to the stop sign in my mother-in-laws quiet cul de sac and were warned not to go into the woods (it was getting dark). They decided to try it anyway, my brother-in-law saw them as he was leaving, so now they have lost the privilege of walking without an adult while there.
  • When we returned home I was too wound up to sleep and called a friend to chat for a while then spent an hour or so watching the first disk of full box set of Cowboy Bepop which my wonderful brother-in-law lent me–thank you Dan!
  • The car is still not jumped and I have to return my mother-in-laws car today. We are still recovering from daylight savings time–Shamus and I both have massive insomnia and the kids are waking at odd times. Sigh.