My Testimony

Jen of Diary of 1 asked me (among a slew of other people) to write up my testimony.   I wrote mine up  back when I was running “What is the Shape of Your Faith?” which I may do again as several people have been asking about it.  This is the perfect time for me to transfer it over here.  

1. When did you become a Christian?

You can read the answer to this and the next four questions here. Go over then come back, we’ll wait.

2. Was there anyone instrumental in your decision to be a Christian?

3. Were there any difficulties to overcome in your early walk with God?

4. How did your life change after committing yourself to Christ?

5. Do you have a favorite Bible verse?

I have three favorite verses.  Joshua 1:9, Jeremiah 29:11Psalm 1:1-3

The Lord gave me the  first when I was just learning to read my Bible and full of fear.  Last January he gave us the last two as a promise.

6. What does it mean for you today to be a Christian?

It has changed a lot.

For a very long time I was just trying to learn to not be afraid, to not complain, to not lie.  Then later I was trying to learn how to love others and to be a good wife and mother then I needed a serious dose of humility.  Somehow now I spend more time praying for wisdom than anything, more time learning how to answer others than trying to fix myself.  Now it means loving Him completely and living in such a way that others see it.  I am blessed in that I have ample opportunities to use my gifts and talents to help others in ministry (which is my passion) as well as to help other women who are struggling through things I have dealt with.

Most recently He has been changing how I see those around us.  For a long time I had tunnel vision–I was only really friends with people like me.  I still have the same beliefs –those haven’t changed, but He has stretched my relationships  beyond anything I would ever have expected.

7. Any last words?

God has been very, very good to us.