I have pictures to share of the children’s snowman mob except my camera batteries just died and all the rechargeables have disappeared. The mob was made before all the snow melted yesterday and now we have a wind advisory (50 mph) and wind chill advisory (-20 degrees F). The kids have been warned not to venture out, period.  I would let them but for their habit of taking off their hats and gloves and leaving them outside.

In other news I got a phone call last night shortly after returning home from my bil’s birthday celebration at Kings (happy 23rd Dan.)

The phone call seemed very similar to most calls from my brother–we chatted about our search for a Wii, the cost of gas, his long commute (he works at the Cape in Florida), and numerous other things. My brother and I are 4 years apart (yes I have another one who is 18 years younger, this is the older of the two.) He spent a very long time being my baby brother and, living in the secluded area we lived in, my only playmate. We have much in common–we both do web design on the side, both started our businesses about the same time, both moved away from that side of the business at the same time–we are very similar in though except that he is a very social electrical engineer and I am a less social artist. 🙂 Kind of two sides of the same coin.

He has been dating the same girl off and on since high school. His relationship with her has followed the same up and down pattern that my husband and I did before we married. When she moved down there to live with her parents and go to school (her parents live near him) and they announced they were dating again I began to wonder. The longer they stayed together again the more I guessed. Last night confirmed what I had been thinking.

My baby brother called to tell me he is engaged. Woohoo! His fiancee is a dear friend who has always stopped by to chat when in town even when they were no longer dating. She is the one we were always happy to hear he was dating because they brought out the best in each other. The other girls he has been with have brought out the worst.

No date yet just because they have to find a place and then will be able to give a date. However this means a trip to Florida in the next few years, though I am not sure at our current income how we will afford it. As far as my brother is concerned it is imperative that we be there.