WW: Haircuts

My son has been bugging me for days to cut his hair. So has my husband.

Today I gave in. The girls were watching educational movies from the library (we have been on a movie kick–we have learned all kinds of crazy stuff about the Pyramids, Gorillas, what used to be in Pittsburgh, the history of World’s Fairs, Kennywood Park, and more, much more.) I ran a bath for Issac and set him up with a sheet under his chair and another wrapped around him.

Out came the clippers.

Five minutes later he was done and in the tub and Shamus’ was under way.

I now have some very happy men in my house. Issac was so happy he insisted on a picture–in fact, multiple pictures, which he wanted me to show as a slide show. And so, for your entertainment, my son showing off his new haircut–“skipey”, just like he likes it. (Shamus has the same cut because it is too cute on him and he hates long hair in the back–but he wasn’t as keen on photos.)