I had a coupon for Michael’s.

I had an inkling in my head.

I had a plan developing.

I got a tiny sketch pad and a tiny watercolor block.

Today I put my plan in motion.

Welcome to a doodle-a-day.

How many days I do not know, how many times I will post them I do not know. My goal is to do a doodle a day, and if possible a painted version of each. The reason for the small pads is that I can’t bear to use my giant pad for a doodle–it costs too much. This way I don’t feel like I am wasting space, time, or money and it will let me play with the materials instead of feeling guilty. And if I think of it as a doodle I won’t get so hung up in the lack of perfection.

So here is today’s doodle plus quick painting of said doodle–both slightly larger than actual size.

Inspiration: Issac hit his head and seated himself on the couch in his holey jeans with an ice pack.

Goal: Capture his body attitude as well as the boy-ness of the scene.