A record of our twice a year date

My mom and stepdad took the kids sledding (outside) and swimming (inside) today so that my husband and I could use the Christmas present they got us–a movie gift card and money for my stepdad’s friend’s new restaurant.  We didn’t really have a plan about what movie to see, instead we knew we needed to stop at the comic book store (because that is what we do).

We went to the store first then headed the complete other direction towards the movie theater, making it there just before the movie started (it is a 30 minute drive and snowing–we did good.)  We had decided on Juno even though we would both like Cloverfield (because we like that sort of thing).  I was nervous about poor camera work which always gives me motion sickness–Juno was a much safer choice.

It was lovely and sweet and sad and funny and hard and soft all at once.  We both loved it as well as the soundtrack.  (I adore indie music and this was perfect.)   Both of us teared up completely at one point and every one giggled out loud at more than a few places.

After the movie we headed to the restaurant which was very good except that it was a sports bar and grill which meant huge tv’s with varying degrees of sports (from football to bowling to skiing)–which is weird–remember we went to the comic book store, not the sporting goods store.  Not really sports fans here. 🙂  The bacon swiss burger was excellent and Shamus says my french fries and his fish sandwich were very good as well.

Of course what married couple date would be complete without a quick trip to the grocery store to get what we were out of and pick up stuff we didn’t know we wanted. 🙂

Now we wait for the kids to return home and tell us excitedly about how wonderful thewir time with the grandparents was. 🙂